Monday, October 12, 2009

Discovery Day '09

On October 5-9, the theta house was filled with lots of surprises and excitement as the girls of the Delta Kappa chapter participated in Discovery week. Discovery week is a week when all the new members get presents each day from their sorority big sister. Some of these gifts consisted of candy, beta fish "theta betas", picture frames, and many other things. Some girls even decorated their "little's" car. Friday was the big reveal and all the new member were filled with anticipation as to whom their big sis was. Each big sis decorated a pair of shoes, one for them, and one for their little. After the littles received their shoe, all the bigs got together in one room and hid behind banners along the wall, only revealing their feet. When all the littles walked in the room, all the bigs lifted up the banners at the same time to reveal who they were. It was a great moment for all the families in the chapter!

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